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We have considerable experience in assisting PPP policy development, drafting PPP laws and subsidiary regulations, drafting PPP guidance manuals in consultation with the client including, authorities standardised procurement documentation.

We also advise entities on developing and delivering their infrastructure and public service strategies, have in-depth experience in training public sector to understand their roles in the process and how to utilise competitive procedures to deliver value for money for the Government when dealing with private sector bidders.

Our Services

Policy and PPP Law

Without a sound basis of Government policy for PPP Implementation, experience has shown that development of a viable programme of PPP Projects is very difficult. The private sector partners bidding for such projects need to know that the government is committed to delivery and also how they intend to develop the programme and a PPP Policy is the ideal vehicle for that... Read More

Our Projects

Development of Legal & Regulatory Framework

A PPP Readiness Assessment is a useful tool to identifying requirements within the Legal and Regulatory system of a country. We recommend conducting such an assessment and utilising this to identify any need for change within the systems to ensure that there are... Read More

Our Projects

PPP Training &Capacity Building

Our trainers are all very senior PPP Practitioners with many decades of experience of developing, negotiating, funding and delivering PPP Projects all around the world, advising both the public and private sector partners. We approach training not as an academic exercise but as a method of teaching participants the skills necessary... Read More

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Technical Advisor Appointments

Technical Advisory services are an important part of our service delivery programme. Worldwide experience has shown that, without the assistance of experienced technical advisors, projects are unlikely to succeed or to deliver their full value for money potential. The use of out technical advisory services enables clients to ensure that... Read More

Our Projects