PPP Training &Capacity Building


Conducting a 10 week training course on PPP procurement and negotiations for officials in the Ministry of Public Health in Afghanistan funded by USAID.

Asia Pacific

Reviewing the Training Manual and the Transport Public Private Partnerships Model Concession Contract on behalf of The United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific and acting as online PPP expert for students.


Contract No. 115596-S83789TA-8688 KGZ,: Strengthening the Enabling Environment for PPPs - I2 International Legal Expert (41544-087): Appointed by Asian Development Bank to provide training on legal aspects related to PPP.


Conducting 3 day PPP training course in association with the Moscow P3 Institute, Moscow.

Saudi Arabia

PPP Strategic Training course for Government Ministers and Director Generals and PPP Implementers Course for Deputy Director Generals and Advisors to Ministers (MEP, MoL, MoE, HRDF, Takamol): a 2 day training for Ministers in Strategy and Decision Making for PPP Implementation and 3 day course for Senior implementers, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, 2015.

Trinidad and Tobago

Conducting a week long PPP in Social Infrastructure Training programme (including Policy formulation, procurement and legal frameworks) for Government officials from Trinidad and Tobago, Miami, US.


Conducting a 5 day PPP in Health PPP training course in London, dealing with procurement, drafting documentation and negotiations, for lawyers acting for the Ministry of Health in Turkey.

United Arab Emirates

Conducting a 5 day training course in Dubai, for government officials on policy, legal framework, structuring and negotiating PPP Legal documentation and guidance for PPP Projects in the Health Sector, March 2014.