Development of Legal & Regulatory Framework


Advising on and finalising the PPP Regulation for Afghanistan as part of the USAID Global Health Project.


Advising the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan under a World Bank Adaptable Program Loan in developing feasibility studies for PPP Projects in extra curricular education throughout the Republic including identification of pilot projects, carrying out a review of the legal framework for project implementation and developing project and procurement documentation;


Contract No. 115596-S83789TA-8688 KGZ,: Strengthening the Enabling Environment for PPPs - I2 International Legal Expert (41544-087): Appointed by Asian Development Bank to advice the Kyrgyz Government on Legal aspects of developing the legal and regulatory environment for public-private partnerships, legal review of potential PPP projects, provide legal inputs to the PPP manual (including but not limited to) tender documents, draft contracts, negotiations protocol and provide training on legal aspects related to PPP.


Acting as International Consultant and heading a team of 5 National Consultants developing a feasibility study, national workshop and action plan for PPP Implementation in Mongolia on behalf of the United Nations Development Programme. Advising the Mongolian State Property Committee on the form of their proposed Concession Law.


Assisted in drafting the Guide to Promoting Good Governance in Public Private Partnerships at the request of the United Nations Economic Commission in Europe 2008


Contract No. 120180-S85328 TA-8344 TAJ: Support Enabling Capacity Building for Public-Private Partnerships in Tajikistan (International Legal Expert) (47098-001): Appointed by Asian Development Bank to review the prevailing legal environment of Tajikistan and the PPP Law as enacted in 2012 and to identify areas for further improvement and consequent recommendations, draft standard model PPP agreement based on international best practices and the PPP Law provide required legal advice to the PPP Center regarding establishing the Project Development Fund; liaise with and advise government agencies on all PPP legal and regulatory matters pertaining to shortlisted projects.


In association with the United Nations Development Programme, to deliver pilot PPP training modules and assisting the Country Teams of Bhutan, India, Indonesia and the Philippines to develop their countries PPP Policy and Pro Poor PPP Implementation Action Plans